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So which camera should I get?

The previous page was just getting too long.  So if you made the jump to here it may mean you are looking for equipment and starting with a new body.  So what should you get?  I am going to make assumptions:

  1. That you are going to be shooting something other than horse shows, and
  2. You have a limited budget.
  3. That you are doing equine photography for fun, not professionally.

The best way I could figure out to do this is by shooting category and then with different budget levels within each category. The budget levels are

  1. Trust fund baby. (Unlimited budget)
  2. Sensible budget
  3. Minimum expense to start out.

Best system I could come with!  Bear in mind these recommendations are incredibly subjective and ridiculously arbitrary.  They are meant as a starting point for your search.

Category 1: Equine photography and other sports: For this you will want a camera body with blazingly fast auto focus, minimum shutter button delay and, of course, ability to shoot in low light.

  1. Unlimited budget: 1DMkIV
  2. Sensible budget: 7D
  3. Minimum expense: 50D

Category 2: Equine photography and portraits (and weddings, seniors, etc.)  and landscapes: For those images where image quality is of the utmost importance.  Plus you want that shallow depth of field (DOF)and beautiful bokeh.  I included landscapes here because you want that ultimate image quality even though will be “stopping down” for maximum DOF.  You may miss an occasional shot because of the 5D’s slow AF but IQ is more important.  (That’s the assumption)

  1. 5DMkII
  2. 50D
  3. Rebel

Category 3: Equine photography and wildlife, birds in flight (BIF), nature. This is very similar to shooting sports.  You need to decide is the fast AF more important or the miss an occasional shot for the IQ of your nature shot!

  1. 5DMkII or 1DMkIV
  2. 7D
  3. 50D

Category 4: Equine photography and a little bit of everything: If you are using your camera for a bit of everything (who isn’t?) then this is as arbitrary as it gets!

  1. 5DMkII
  2. 50D
  3. Rebel

Hope this helps!   Return to 1st page of equipment blog!

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