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February 26, 2010

Equine Photography Equipment Part 1

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The next 3 blogs will be about the equipment you need to photograph horses and horse shows.  Or as my wife likes to refer to subject, bankruptcy.   I am dividing this subject into three blogs because there is so much to cover:

  1. Cameras
  2. Lenses
  3. Lighting

I will talk about cameras in this first session or actually camera bodies.  By necessity much of this is going to be tediously basic for some of you.  For others of you starting out I hope you find this is helpful

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February 24, 2010

My New Blog

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So I have my new blog!  I am going to be publishing about equine photography here.  My specialty is equine sports but I intend, from time to time, to touch on such things as shooting halter horses, shooting in low light arenas, and portraiture.  Shooting in low light arena’s will be one of the first blogs as several people have asked that I write on this.

The very first one will be on equipment needed for equine photography.

I hope you will comment on what you want to see here.  More importantly, as I blog,  I hope others will chime in with comments and suggestions.  I have been doing this for 3 odd decades and have met some really exceptional equine togs online.  And, of course, have made some good friendships live over the years.  Those of you that I am referring to, I hope you will contribute.

So how am I qualified to write a blog about equine photography you might ask.  Did I mention that I have been doing this for 3 decades?  Even some one as dense as me ought to learn something after that long!

I developed an interest in photography  about the time of the bicentennial.  For those of you too young to understand that is 1976.  I started with a Pentax SLR (single lens reflex).  Shortly after that I switched to a Canon system.  During this time my wife, Barb, and I were training horses for the public.  It was only natural that I would combine my new interest in photography with horses.

It wasn’t long after starting my equine photography business, then called “Equine Images”, that I switched to a medium format system.  I used a Mamiya 645.  I made the switch to digital about four years ago.   More about equipment in the next post.

So that’s the photography part.  What about the horse part?  I mentioned that Barb and I trained horses.  Horses have always been a major part of our lives and continue to be.  We have produced many high point horses in the Quarter Horse Association of Nebraska and the Central Plains Reining Horse Association (CPRHA).  In 2008 I was the Champion Non Pro in the CPRHA.  I am both a NRHA approved judge and an AQHA Special event judge.

Enough of the bragging.   Please, please post here the topics you would like to see covered over the next weeks and months.  Here’s what’s planned for the next few weeks.  My intent is publish 1 blog per week over the next few months.  But that is very subject to change depending on my shooting and travel schedule.  So have patience.   Next up: Equipment.  Here’s the menu for the next few weeks.

  1. Equipment Part One. Cameras
  2. Equipment Part Deaux.  Lenses
  3. Equipment Part Three. Lighting
  4. Horse Photography Basics
  5. Outdoor Sports Shooting
  6. Indoor (low light) Shooting
  7. Equine Portraiture (Halter Horses)

I can’t stress enough.  If there is something you want to see covered, post it.  So here we go after the jump next week: Equipment.

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