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June 9, 2010

Saddle Up Nebraska cover!

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I just got confirmation that my photo was used on the cover of Saddle Up Nebraska.  Saddle Up Nebraska is a monthly magazine published by the University of Nebraska.  I say this in the past tense because they contacted me for permission and I granted it.  I didn’t hear any more until my copy arrived in the mail.  Here is a scan of the cover:

Here is the original photo.  I didn’t look at the metadata in Lightroom so I am going from memory.  But I am sure I shot this with a Canon 5D and a Canon 70-200 mm F/4 Non IS (my workhorse outdoors lens).  Outdoors I would have been at 1/1000 ish shutter speed, ISO of 100-200 and probably f stop in the neighbor hood of 5.6.

This is James Wilkens on his mare Manzana’s Tweak.  This was taken at the Cutting Horse Association of Nebraska show at Jim’s farm in June of 2009.  I, of course, have had other images published but it is fun having one used by the University.  I’m sure they have a ton of photographers there!

I was also contacted by their editor about writing an article about photographing horses which I agreed to do.  (As if I have the time!)  I will keep you posted on that.


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  1. WhooHoo! Looks good Ron!

    How nice that you got to shoot outside !

    That’s good about writing the article too. Is it about your experiences? .. or a ‘how to’ type of thing?

    Comment by Donalyn — July 11, 2010 @ 12:17 AM

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